Where the Land Meets the Sea

Though the idea to put out a "Best of Faith and the Muse" release had been talked of often, Dance Macabre Records released the  30 song - 2 CD digipack set and 16 page booklet, designed by Monica Richards with a loving introduction to the band by writer and editor of Carpe Noctem Magazine, Thom Carnell.

FAM - Land to Sea

A "Best of" became the "Best Loved Songs" of Faith and the Muse. Monica Richards and WIlliam Faith decided to choose 30 of their own personal favorites. The entire 16 page booklet for this 2-CD Set is full of memories in their own words for each song chosen, immersed in photos and the original album covers to give it a feeling of the era from which the music was derived. 

"Where the Land Meets the Sea: The Best Loved Songs of Faith and the Muse" is a fantastic collector's item for old and new fans alike. Give "Where the Land Meets the Sea" to friends or loved ones, someone you'd like to share your music with.

Available on CD only. U.S./Canada/South America fans, pre-order from Monica's Store.

Europe/UK/Everywhere else order from Danse Macabre Records.

"From the Land to the Sea: The Best Loved Songs of Faith and the Muse" is a completely unique perspective of their music. The playlist has been created especially by the band as well, with the diversity of their songs split into two distinct playlists, "The Land" is full of the harder-edged, dark rock songs, and "Te Sea" is more of the Classical, acoustic and ambient pieces. What does the music of Faith and the Muse mean to new fans? This 2-CD set will introduce the band to a new generation.

William Faith: "We’d always discussed how tricky doing an actual “Best of” would be for a band like ours. Being so diverse in style makes the song selection that much more difficult, as you want the end result to be as balanced as possible. It was quite the experience going back through all the songs to pick our best and brightest for this; a heady journey through the old albums, and the league of memories that surface in doing so. In the end, I think we’ve done a good job of it."

Monica Richards: "When we were asked about making a 'Best of' compilation, I found that hard to really do. I'm a music fan as well, and with the bands that I love, I often wouldn't agree with the 'Best of' choices put out by record labels. Which song is "Best"? It's all so subjective. We decided to make this compilation more of a personal choice, songs we ourselves picked with our own memories about them."